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Heat and Refrigeration System

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  1. Constant Temperature Refrigeration Liquid Bath (Cooling Bath)

    Double wall, glass window on bath opposite side, temp. 5°C to 95°C accuracy ± 5°C to work 220-240 volt AC. Fitted with digital temp. Indicator-cum-controller instead of contact thermometer.
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  2. Muffle Furnace

    • Newly designed Muffle Furnace has rapid heating & light weight construction.• Special ceramic insulation makes furnace light weight.• Exterior of heavy gauge M.S powder coated/S.S
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  3. Tissue Homogenizer

    It is a multipurpose unit, suitable for low speed homogenisation of tissue and also small volume low speed stirring applications. Pulley driven low speed operation provides high torque for grinding homogenizing of animal or vegetable tissues.
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  4. Refrigerated Liquid Bath

    Temp. -5°C to 90°C. Fitted with digital temp. Indicator-cum-controller instead of contact thermometer
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    • Inner chamber, outer chamber and support ring are fully made of stainless steel.• Heaters cover stand and carrier/bucket are made of stainless steel.• Lid made of thick machined stainless steel plate.• Radial locking lid ensures user safety and safe locking.• Lid is fitted with pressure gauge, spring loaded safety valve, double safety valve, manual exhaust valve, vacuum breaker as a safety device and water level indicator.• Drain valve facilitates easy cleaning of the chamber.• Moulded joint less silicon rubber gasket.• All internal joints are argon arc welded, ground and polished to give crevice free internals.• Miniature circuit breaker for mains on/off plus safety of control panel.• Industrial grade energy efficient heaters reduce power bill drastically.
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    The Soxlet apparatus is used to extract and clean the core sample from oil, water and any other materials. The apparatus is based on a heating mantle to boil the solvent, a sample chamber and a water-cooled system to condense the solvent vapors. The core sample is first placed into the sample chamber. Then, the solvent is heated and vaporized. The solvent vapors travel through a lateral way and rise to the top of the glass tube where is the cold trap. At this place, the vapors condense and fall into the sample chamber. The solvent fills the chamber and removes soluble components from the core. Then, the spoiled solvent is evacuated from the chamber through a siphon and goes back to the flask where it will be redistilled.
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  7. Mortuary Chamber

    Dead Body Storage Mortuary Chamber storage system is designed for storing cadaverous under cool condition to prevent decomposition. these are latest developments in mature technology offering vast space saving advantage over the conventional type with greater hygiene useful foe hospitals, and supplying for our dealers.
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  8. Laminar Air Flow

    Ajanta Export industries are manufacturing of Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Chamber that finds it applications in various hospitals, electronic industry and others. We use high grade component and quality raw material that is tested on various quality parameters and ensure smooth functionality. Our laminar air flow is ISO , CE & FDA approved.
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    Ajanta Export industries offer B.O.D. incubators that are designed primarily to meet requirements of bio chemical oxygen demand test. This BOD incubator are suitable for storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines, culture of bacteria, micro organism, serum incubation, seed germination etc.
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